The West is responsible for escalating tensions in eastern Ukraine, says Russian ambassador to Prague

By Karolina Klaskova
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Russia’s embassy on Wednesday denied responsibility for escalating tensions, issuing a statement in response to Aleksandr Zmeyevsky’s summons to explain to the Czech Foreign Ministry in connection with events in eastern Ukraine. According to the Russian embassy, the fault lies with the West.

The European Union and other countries decided to impose sanctions on Russia after Vladimir Putin recognized the separatist republics in eastern Ukraine and sent troops there. On Thursday morning, the Russian president announced an attack on all of Ukraine’s territory.

Russian ambassador to Prague Aleksandr Zmeyevsky also heard criticism for violating international law. According to the ambassador, the Czech side came “with a set of well-known accusations of the West against Russia.”

Zmeyevsky was to reject claims that Russia was going to attack Ukraine. He allegedly passed “materials proving the violation of the Minsk agreements by Kiev, as well as dozens of photographs of victims of crimes committed by the Ukrainian army and nationalists on civilians” in both separatist republics.

“We recalled the recent delivery by Czechia to Ukraine of more than 4,000 artillery shells, which makes Prague so proud. How does it comply with the EU directive banning military supplies to regions where it could lead to violations of international humanitarian law and deepen internal armed conflicts?” stated the embassy.

The Russian ambassador advised the Czech side not to threaten with sanctions, and to seek a diplomatic solution. According to Russia, recognition of both separatist republics is justified, while allegations of the country violating international obligations and the law are inappropriate.

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