Russia hits Ukraine’s largest hydroelectric power plant

On the night of June 1, Russia launched attacks on several key power generating facilities in Ukraine

By Dénes Albert
1 Min Read

Ukraine’s largest hydroelectric power plant, the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Station in the Zaporizhzhia region, is in “critical condition” after Russian attacks on Saturday night, June 1, according to Ukrainian media.

The region’s governor, Ivan Fedorov, said electricity production had been halted and traffic has been blocked on the Dnieper dam. The official gave no further details on the damage caused by the attacks.

Russia launched a barrage of missiles and drone strikes overnight, hitting energy infrastructure in several regions of the country. At least 20 people, including children, were injured in the attacks, according to the source.

The Dnipro hydroelectric power plant was also hit by eight Russian missiles on March 22, in what was described as one of the largest attacks on the infrastructure. At the time, reports said the plant had lost a third of its production capacity.

That attack caused environmental damage estimated at $3.5 million, the Kyiv Independent wrote at the time. In mid-April, the dam on the Dnieper was engulfed in flames following a Russian drone strike, according to Reuters.

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