Slovak Christian Democrats divided on Sargentini report

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Csáky believes that the reports timing is “unlucky” considering it is happening shortly before the elections to the European Parliament. The MEP pointed out that the discussion about the report was not being held as an effective dialogue but as a part of a political struggle. “The issues in Hungary should be solved after the elections or much earlier than now. Nothing is going to be solved regarding Hungary,” said Csáky.

Miroslav Mikolášik thinks that Sargentini is an inexperienced politician who was influenced by pressure and the report includes half-lies and misstatements. The Christian democrat MEP warned that the report is being supported mainly by liberals, socialists and communists, while many countries cannot fulfill their duties coming from the European legislative. If the European Parliament cares about the issue of state of the law, they should rather focus on Romania.

Ivan Štefanec, the head of the Slovak EPP delegation in the European Parliament believes that the voting would be about European values and thinks that many questions raised in Sargentini’s report were left unanswered after Orbán’s speech.

Anna Záborská on the other hand claims she will vote against the report. The MEP believes that despite a few issues pointed out in the report the opening Chapter 7 of the treaty is not necessary. Orbán’s government is being held responsible for measures connected with protecting the families and life, which is in the competence of every member state. Záborská warned that the discussion will further polarize the European community.

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