Slovak drunk driver who killed four released from Hungarian prison

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Eva Rezešová, whose reckless drunk driving killed four innocent passengers in a car she crashed into in 2012 is being released today from a Budapest prison.

On the dawn of August 21st, 2012 Eva Rezešová, while driving inebriated in her BMW X5 SUV on Hungary’s M3 motorway at 165 km/hour (102 miles/hour) she slammed into a Fiat Punto that immediately caught fire. Three of the four passengers died there, while the fourth died in hospital. The speed limit on Hungarian motorways is 130 km/hour (81 miles/hour).

At the time, the accident garnered extensive media coverage both in the Hungarian and Slovak press, due to Rezešová’s celebrity status and a previous accident in Slovakia in 2010, when she rammed a Skoda with her Mercedes. Nobody was injured in that accident. Her father, Alexander Rezeš (1948-2002) was transport minister during the Slovak Mečiar-government in 1994-98 and was at one time the second richest person in Slovakia.

She was sentenced to six years in prison at the first instance in 2013, which was subsequently increased to nine years in 2014. Both prison staff and her inmates had a very good opinion of Rezešová, who worked in the prison’s sewing shop and learned fluent Hungarian.

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