Slovakia prepares strategy to fight climate change

The Slovak Ministry of Environment published an updated version of its climatic adaptation strategy. The importance of renewable energy sources and gas is emphasized, and nuclear energy is not a focal point of the strategy.

editor: REMIX NEWS

According to expert predictions, in just eighty years the air temperature will rise by 2-4 °C, the southern regions will dry out, and tornadoes and strong winds will be more common.

In contradiction with previous strategies the government’s new climatic adaptation strategy, which should be approved by parliament in October 2018, focuses on renewable energy and gas – not nuclear energy. One of the conclusions is that Slovakia should work out an action plan to help tackle global warming.

An additional consequence of global warming is the loss of usable water sources, the country could lose half of its natural sources within the next eighty years. This issue could be partially managed by water recycling.

The last action plan was prepared in 2014, several policies suggested in the paper have been implemented since then. While the adaptation is successful, it lacks the monitoring and evaluation elements. Action plans connected to global warming are relatively common in Europe, the Czech Republic and Austria already possess a similar strategy.


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