Socialists to vote against Hungary in Brussels

MEPs of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) will vote against their country in the European Parliament regarding the rule of law in Hungary.

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Reversing a previous position of the party to abstain, the MSZP board of leaders decided on Monday that its MEPs will vote against Hungary, meaning that all opposition parties will do so, Magyar Idők writes. The Democratic Coalition (former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s splinter party) and the Green Dialogue for Hungary has already announced it will do so.

The Socialists argued that they have for a long time been saying the same things contained in the EP report, so they have to be consequent in their voting. Only a few weeks ago, when asked about their intentions, several Socialists said “we will not betray our country”. Now the party leadership has changed its position and Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi said voting in favor of the report is the patriotic duty in the interest people and country.

He also posted an image saying the same thing on his Facebook page:


Socialist Vice-President Csaba Molnár said should the European Parliament invoke Article 7, that will not be against Hungary as a country but against the Hungarian government. 

Dialogue for Hungary MEP Benedek Jávor also confirmed that he will vote against Hungary, saying that “in the opinion of Dialogue, this will most likely be Viktor Orbán’s last political dance on the European political stage.”


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