Soros is not the only one

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Popular economist Marketa Sichtarova focused on the case surrounding a pedophile and an elite psychiatrist, who worked for the Norwegian social service Barnevernet. This is the well-known office that takes children from families on the basis of fictitious accusations. In the Czech Republic, the broadly medialized case of Eva Michalakova is particularly well-known in connection with this organization.

Although George Soros is considered the most significant exporter of the new liberal leftist doctrine, he is not the only one. While Soros took especially mixing of nationalities and migration from this doctrine, Norway, through the so-called Norwegian funds, is rather interested in gender and (anti)family topics.

In the countries where the Norwegian funds operate, even cases which have little to do with politics, are politicized. Exactly such is the case of children taken away from their parents. Another case happened in Switzerland where a Czech woman was without justification declared to be mentally ill, and the authorities then took her child away. This is what the new book called The Solen Son is about.

Society is divided. On the one hand, there is multiculturalism, neo-Marxism, positive discrimination against minorities, growing racism against white people, militant feminism, an attempt to destroy national states and family ties. On the other hand, there is recognition of nations, recognition of families, recognition of personal responsibility. These two concepts are also reflected in cases such as the case of Eva Michalakova or the Stolen Son.

Some people are afraid that if it turns out that law is on the side of parents and their children, it would be a direct attack on the state and therefore the entire liberal left-wing religion. Then the arguments and facts are completely overlooked because, like any religion, neither left-wing liberalism does not need the facts for its faith. And through the social democratic politicians especially, this new religion is being forced on us.

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