Survey: Majority of Poles consider EU budget compromise a success for Poland

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In what will be encouraging news for Poland’s ruling party, 60 percent of surveyed Poles believe that the result of the recent EU summit, which ratified the EU budget, was a success for the country, according to a survey by United Surveys
As a reminder, Poland and Hungary had initially threatened to veto the EU budget . This was due to a mechanism which associated EU funds with rule of law. In the end, a compromise was reached at the recent EU summit in Brussels.
The survey showed that 9.9 percent of Poles believe that the negotiations which resulted in the compromise were “definitely a success” for Poland while 49.4 percent of those surveyed believe it will “probably be a success”.
Another 14.1 percent of Poles think that the negotiations were “probably a failure” and 9.9 percent believe it was “definitely a failure”.
Sixteen percent of those polled were unable to answer.
Law and Justice (PiS) voters are the most positive towards the result of the negotiations, with 81 percent saying they believe the EU summit was a success for Poland.
The supporters of the opposition’s Civic Coalition (KO) were slightly less enthusiastic, with 60 percent of them believing the compromise to be a victory and 30 percent consider it a failure.
For the Left party, 58 percent of its supporters see the summit as a victory, but 16 percent of their voters consider the result to be “probably a failure” and 23 percent see it as “definitely a failure”.
The most critical of the summit’s compromise are the voters of the right-wing Confederation. Sixty-four percent of them consider the compromise to be a defeat.
Thirty-seven percent of the Polish People’s Party (PSL) voters believe that the result was a victory, but 53 percent were unable to answer.
Last Thursday, during the first day of the EU leaders summit, Poland and Hungary withdrew their veto from the EU budget after EU leaders reached a compromise agreement concerning the controversial rule-of-law mechanism.
According to the compromise, the EU will continue to connect funds with the rule of law, but the leaders passed an EU summit declaration, which is not legally binding, which postpones using the mechanism by at least two years. The compromise means that starting January 2021, the new 2021-2027 EU budget will be operational. In half a year, the EU recovery fund should be initiated.
As part of this financial package, Poland will receive more than €172 billion over the next 7 years.

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