Survey: Poles still at the top when it comes to hoarding goods

Although the pandemic is still causing worry among Polish consumers, anxiety is easing with each passing month, according to the latest Deloitte Global State of the Consumer tracker

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Poles are most likely to hoard goods in all of Europe, but the British and the Dutch are not far behind, according to a new survey.

“While Poland remains at the top in Europe when it comes to stockpiling goods, the number of consumers who admit to doing so has decreased by 5-percentage points compared to the previous month. Almost half of Poles, the most in Europe, are chasing offers and sales,” the Deloitte Global State of the Consumer survey reads.

The number of people who are worried about their own health has decreased by 1-percentage point, as well as those who are worried about the health of their loved ones, savings and job loss (3-percentage points each).

The largest decrease concerns worries over paying loans, which dropped gy 5 percent.

The feeling of security in shops, hotels, during flights, mass events, and using services which require contact has been improving.

According to the research, the so-called anxiety index (the net difference between people who agreed with the statement “I am more anxious than last week” and those who denied being anxious) has been decreasing for the last three months. In the latest edition of the index conducted between January and February, it amounted to 0.

This is a 2-percentage point decrease compared to the previous month and a 34-percentage point decrease compared to November, in which the record high point was reached.

In all the editions of the survey, Polish consumers were at the top when it came to stockpiling. During the last month, however, the number of Polish consumers who admitted to purchasing more goods than they can currently use decreased by 5 percent.

“This is a significant change compared to the January edition when Poland broke its own record. Forty-one percent is still the highest result in Europe, but we share it with the British and Dutch,” the research showed. India is the country which stockpiles the most, at 65 percent.

There was also a 3-percentage point increase compared to January when it comes to consumers who are searching for offers and sales. Close to half of Poles answered that they do so, making it the highest result in Europe.

The twelfth Deloitte “Global State of the Consumer Tracker” which researches the reactions and worries of consumers associated with the pandemic was conducted between January and February. A thousand consumers in 18 countries each completed the surveys.


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