Poland has become a whipping boy for the liberal elite

The US Department of State spokesman’s statement concerning the charges against Polish Women’s Strike leader Marta Lempart is the result of a much more efficient response by the liberal side of the conflict

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Tȟašúŋke Witkó

I’ll bet a large sum that the spokesman of the US Department of State, Edward “Ned” Price, knows nothing about Marta Lempart and doesn’t even remember her name now. I will also bet the sugar bowl from my family silver that he has not read a single sentence on the proposed media tax, which is currently being introduced in Poland with meager results.

I am almost certain that our protagonist doesn’t even have a broader clue as to where Poland lies on the map, and he has as much knowledge about our political system as I do about Cambodian painting, which amounts to nothing.

Why then, does Price fulfil such a prestigious role across the pond? It is because he is an efficient gear in the ruling system. He has certain accomplishments within it, and he is characterized by his loyalty towards his bosses. It is also because a few years ago, in a very defiant manner, he abandoned his job at the CIA and explained his decision with disdain for working with Trump’s administration.

To all of those who will try to convince me that Edward Price must have excellent knowledge as a former special services agent, it is worth nothing that in the CIA he was responsible for monitoring sources of terrorist attacks and Poland is not such a country. It is very unlikely that he would have paid particular attention to us.


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