‘Try to be less white’ — Coca-Cola’s training program is a racist message in an anti-racist costume

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Recently, Coca-Cola conducted a training course for its employees about fighting racism in the United States. The course’s slideshow was leaked online and its contents left much of the internet completely dumbstruck. One of the first slides urged people “to be less white”. Further slides specified what exactly being “less white” entailed, which urged people to “try to be less oppressive”, “try to be less arrogant”, “try to be less ignorant” and so on.

In other words: a white person is naturally an oppressive and arrogant ignorant.

The training course was designed by the new rising superstar of political correctness in the United States, Robin DiAngelo, the author of “White Fragility” which can be dubbed a manifesto of the “critical race theory” movement. The main message of her work is the simple thesis: all whites are racists. Even if subjectively they are anti-racists, then objectively they are racist anyway. One thing decides this — white skin color.

At a first glance nothing can be done about this, as a person cannot change the color of their skin. Nevertheless, the author has a solution to the situation. Her advice to white people (racists) is: “try to be less white”.

American psychologist Karlyn Borysenko, who revealed the contents of the training course online, believes that the course will bring about effects exactly opposite to the desired ones. Instead of creating a healthier work environment, it teaches self-loathing and introduces additional divisions. No one has any doubts that racism is something disdainful. Yet, if we come to the conclusion that we ourselves are racist, then we must feel self-loathing. We also must feel disdain towards societies created by White people because, according to the “critical race theory”, racism is systemic, endemic and structural in such environments.


It is difficult not to call the training course’s ideals as racist, despite it presenting itself as anti-racist. I dread to think about what would have happened if the course had used the word “black” instead of “white”. A wave of criticism and accusations over what would be deemed the most primitive and heinous racism would be directed at the course’s organizers.

Among those outraged by the course are not only White people. One of them is Black vlogger Candace Owens, who after experiencing racist attacks from the liberal-left, created the Blexit Foundation in 2018. The goal of this organization is to encourage people of color in the US to abandon the Democratic Party. Now, Owens is urging White people to pursue lawsuits against Coca-Cola over racism and discrimination.

It is worth mentioning that in September 2020, Donald Trump forbade federal agencies from conducting training programs based on “critical race theory”. He stated that it is a form of anti-American propaganda which divides society. His successor, Joe Biden, lifted the ban on the first day of his presidency.

Massive corporations who are members of the avant-garde driving massive social changes are now conducting such training courses for their employees, and Robin DiAngelo is harvesting pure gold, earning at least $15,000 for a half-day long training course.

Title image: YouTube screenshot of diAngelo Coca-Cocla training. Due to widespread criticism the video of the training course has been removed from YouTube.


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