Swift response to KNF corruption scandal reports

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Officers from the CBA have begun an investigation of the KNF headquarters in Warsaw due to allegations of KNF Head Marek Chrzanowski being involved in a corruption scandal. 

According to the largest liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza, the owner of Getin Noble Bank Leszek Czarnecki reported that Marek Chrzanowski allegedly offered favors to the bank in March 2018. This was to be in exchange for PLN 40 million (USD 10.5 million). Czarnecki recorded the offer on tape and informed the prosecutor’s office. 

After these reports, Chrzanowski resigned and PM Mateusz Morawiecki requested an investigation of the KNF. Morawiecki met with the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro and the heads of Poland’s special services.

The Prosecutor’s Office has started an investigation. It is very intensive and is happening in cooperation with the CBA

The PM has committed the institutions to cooperate in quickly solving the issue. Earlier, Zbigniew Ziobro requested an investigation concerning the possible crime committed by Chrzanowski. 

“The Prosecutor’s Office has started an investigation on my orders. It is very intensive and is happening in cooperation with the CBA,” says Ziobro. “We will be requesting updates from the prosecutors in charge.”

Piotr Kaczorek has confirmed that the CBA has been securing files and documents concerning protocols and recordings of KNF meetings. These meetings related to updates of Getin Bank’s correction program, protection of its capital and KNF’s involvement in purchasing shares of GetBack SA and selling of GetBack stocks.

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