Hungary wants Europe of nations, not open society

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Dömötör said the Hungarian government organized several forums in Budapest and in the countryside to ask people’s opinion on what kind of Europe they want to belong to. He said that the government will send the conclusions to both the European Commission and French President Emmanuel Macron.

It was Macron himself who previously suggested that all member states of the European Union should hold consultations on the future of Europe

He added that the main conclusion of these forums was that security is the most important consideration for Hungarian citizens. Additionally, Hungarians would like to live in a Europe based on the cooperation of nations, not an open society.

Dömötör said the consultations touched upon all the major topics in which Hungary is at odds with Brussels such as taxation, energy price regulations and immigration.

He said the government will stay its course in order to keep strategic decisions within national competence because, should the decisions regarding immigration, taxation and energy prices be taken away, “there will be no way for subsequent corrections”.

Dömötör said the Hungarian government is of the same opinion as the founding fathers of the European Union: a Europe of nations based on Christian-democratic values.



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