Tenenbom: Leftists are antisemites and hide behind humanism

There are currently three tribes in Israel – Arabs, Jews, and Europeans. Europeans favor the Arabs, even if they say they want peace or consider Israel to be the outpost of European democracy. They never recognized the Jews as equal.

editor: REMIX NEWS
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According to the author of the popular book Catch the Jew!, Tuvia Tenenbom, there is a gap between Jews and Arabs in Israel and Palestine. Tenenbom says they do not know each other and do not understand each other. Even the Jews who claim to love the Palestinians do not like them. Often, their love for the Arabs is only an expression of their resistance to their Jewishness. But why should the Jews hate the Jews?

The answer is to look back in history. The people with the greatest hatred of Jews were Jews. These Jews were supported by the church, Kings, and Queens. Currently, according to Tenenbom, Jews who do not like the Jews are supported by European states that give them money – millions and millions each year.

But Jews are not like Europeans, not even now. “The Jews have never been accepted by European society, perhaps for two, three years, but never for a long time. The Europeans have never taken them to their club. And now when we have created our own state, Europe tells us that we are Europeans? That’s not the case, ” says Tenenbom, emphasizing: “Screw you, we are no Europeans”.

So why are the Europeans interested in Israel and the Palestinians? The reason is, according to Tenenbom, still the old antisemitism. Today, it predominates between the left and the so-called liberals. People, especially on the left, feel cleaner and righteous. Someone, however, prevents them from being totally in the right, preventing them from being truly pure. This results in antisemitism.

Israel or Palestine is only a small dot in the atlas, only a local conflict. “We do not solve conflicts in the Middle East. We are not America, we are not Europe, we are not the West. In the West, when you have problems, you look for a solution. In the Middle East, we live with our problems. Leave us alone and solve your own problems in Europe,” the writer says, adding that Europeans are simply exaggerating the importance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



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