Czech Republic helps countries affected by migration crisis

Czech Republic sends money to help Iraq, Niger, Chad and Mali, all affected by the migration crisis. Money should help to prevent migration to Europe and restore stability directly at the source of the problem.

editor: REMIX NEWS

A donation of nearly CZK10 million to the Republic of Iraq will be used to stabilize and restore the infrastructure of the liberated territories such as Anbar Province, one of the main battlegrounds of the war against ISIS.

Also, the Interior Ministry is about to spend money on a refugee support project in West Mali to ensure the stability and economic self-sufficiency of refugees and the peaceful coexistence between returnees and local communities.

A government-approved document says that, in particular, the project will build 300 homes for 300 families of returnees, restoring water resources as well as local health and educational facilities and also provide support for the return of about 60,000 refugees to Mali.


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