Tesco stops selling Zem a Vek

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Hajdin wrote an email to the British retail company in June, according to him he was “bewildered and unsettled” because of the newspaper, which is spreading conspiracy theories, anti-semitistic stances and “dangerous thoughts.” Hajdin considered it a very bad sign that Tesco is selling the monthly and claimed he will stop buying at the supermarket and encourage his friends to boycot the retail chain.

Tesco firstly emphasized that the company is not political and everyone has right to their own opinion. The company claimed that it offers a wide variety of press products with different views. After a few months of intensive facebook campaigning by the activists, Tesco changed its original stance and decided to stop the promotion of Zem a Vek from October. The activists claim they will target other companies as well, just like in the case of Billa, which stopped selling the newspaper in June.

The monthly believes that the companies were subdued to the influence of “liberal propaganda.” According to the statistics approximately 800-1,000 magazine were being sold in Billa and Tesco. Other companies are still selling Zem a Vek, like Kaufland, which issued a statement about “not giving up on censorship and restricting the freedom of expression.”

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