V4 planning to build high-speed railway

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The ambition of the project is to provide an alternative to plane traffic. The project will be financed from contributions of all Visegrád countries, alternatively from sources of the European Union. The project should improve the accessibility of Central Europe, the infrastructure according to Péter Szijjártó is in an “abysmal state.”

The Hungarian minister also pointed out that transport is the weakness of the region which is inadequately connected with other European countries. “The fact that it takes eleven hours to travel by train from Budapest to Warsaw is laughable. Interconnecting the four capitols is a priority for our country,” added Minister Szijjártó.

Árpád Érsek from Slovakia pointed out that the project is a long-time investment. Securing the funds, summing up the expenses and creating plans could take decades, as a first step a study will be prepared about the sustainability of the project. This activity will start in 2018. Érsek also claimed that Bratislava would need a new train station if the railway would be built.

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