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Czechia hits out at Hungary’s ‘unacceptable’ decision not to support EU’s energy sanctions against Russia

Czechia’s Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský has lashed out at the approach of the Hungarian government, which has decided not to support any sanctions aimed at Russian energy exports, calling the country’s position unacceptable. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the Czech government minister criticized Viktor Orbán’s administration and claims Europe needed to be “united more than […]
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1 YEAR AGOBeurer Csaba Soós Healthcare Péter Szijjártó Hungary News

Hungary must be self-sufficient in medical equipment production

One of the important guarantees of future security is for Hungary to become self-sufficient in the production of medical devices, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said at Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony of Beurer Hungária Kft in Veszprém

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