The Baltic is vital for Poland’s security

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Former Defense Minister Romuald Szeremietiew stressed the importance of the Baltic Sea in modern Central-European geopolitics during an interview in Teologia Polityczna, with the former minister explaining that in terms of security, the Baltic is key for Poland to counter threats in the region.

“First, the Kaliningrad Oblast lies at the Baltic, probably the most militarized region of the world. Next, Russian Nord Stream runs through the Baltic and it is the Baltic through which Poland conducts its gas delivery diversification – the Gasport and Baltic Pipe,” he said.

The former defense dinister added that the sea will also be important when it comes to the area of operation if Russia decided to subjugate the Baltic States.

The professor also referred to the Three Seas Initiative as a call-back to the idea of the Intermarium promoted by Poland in the early 20th century; this in turn, was a reference to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.