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Japan interested in Three Seas Initiative partnership

During President Andrzej Duda’s state visit to Tokyo, PM Yoshihide Suga affirmed that Japan is interested in participating in the Three Seas Initiative. This means that Japan could become the Three Seas’ next international partner, alongside the United States and Germany. Andrzej Duda emphasized that the Japanese government considers cooperation with Poland to be strategically […]
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Donald Tusk’s government was easier for Moscow to manipulate than Poland under communist rule

By claiming that Civic Platform’s (PO) government was much more anti-Russian than Law and Justice’s (PiS), Donald Tusk is turning people’s brains to mush, writes Stanisław Janecki

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“We must separate the attack on the Capital from Trump’s term as president,” says Polish presidential minister

The evaluation of Donald Trump’s entire term as president of the US is good for Poland and Polish-American relations, says presidential minister Krzysztof Szczerski

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Duda: “Middle East much broader issue than Iran”

President Andrzej Duda underlined that the Middle East conference planned in Warsaw in February is part of increasing Poland’s prestige, but also a duty as member of the UN Security Council. He also emphasized that Poland is a neutral territory when it comes to the Middle East.

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