US general outlines how Europe can counter Russia

The Visegard nations point the way to better cooperation.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Radosław Korzycki

Hodges praised Polish diplomatic efforts to focus on the Three Seas project, a forum for 12 countries in the Central and Eastern European regions designed to find solutions to common challenges and improve cooperation.

However, there are many challenges that Poland and other countries in the area face, including an over-reliance on Russia in regards to energy and infrastructure.

Hodges said in an interview with, “Without improving infrastructure regarding railway communication and energy, Poland and other countries of the region will not reach their desired economic growth.”

The former general explained that the region’s current infrastructure not only constricts trade, but also makes Warsaw and other capitals more dependent on Russia. In terms of military maneuvers, Hodges emphasized, that the mobility coming from improved infrastructure would send Moscow a clear message that it cannot “just attack like that.”

He also stressed that choosing the leader of the Three Seas forum is secondary to its goals, as the synergy between country members is most important.


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