“We must separate the attack on the Capital from Trump’s term as president,” says Polish presidential minister

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Donald Trump’s entire term as president of the US was a net positive for Poland and Polish-American relations, says Presidential Minister Krzysztof Szczerski, who stressed that Trump should not be solely judged by the events of the Capitol.

Szczerski, the minister responsible for foreign relations in the chancellery of President Andrzej Duda, discussed the current situation in Polish Radio 3, saying he evaluated Trump’s presidency as a good one while also sharing his perspectives on Poland’s cooperation with the new Biden administration.

He emphasized that a “very critical outlook” on the events from the US Capitol is one thing, and a cold evaluation of Trump’s presidency is something else entirely.

“I believe that — especially from the Polish point of view of looking at Donald Trump’s entire term — it was very beneficial for Poland and for Polish-American relations,” he said.

Szczerski noted that the attack on the Capitol and the emotions of American politicians are separate issues which Americans must solve themselves through internal debate. He urged to not give into the narrative that this is some kind of deep weakness of the US as it is not beneficial to criticize the US as a weak or fallen country.