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court battle Krzysztof Szczerski life support Plymouth Poland UK Zbigniew Rau News

VIDEO: Polish government intervenes to save comatose Pole in British hospital

The Polish foreign ministry and presidential minister are trying to convince the British judiciary and medical authorities that the welfare of the patient dictates that he should be treated in Poland

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Donald Trump Andrzej Duda Krzysztof Szczerski Poland Polish-American relations Three Seas US News

“We must separate the attack on the Capital from Trump’s term as president,” says Polish presidential minister

The evaluation of Donald Trump’s entire term as president of the US is good for Poland and Polish-American relations, says presidential minister Krzysztof Szczerski

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Andrzej Duda Krzysztof Szczerski Nord Stream 2 NS2 Poland Slovakia V4 News

All V4 countries against NS2, says Szczerski

All of the Visegrad Group members are opposed to Nord Stream 2. Discussions at a recent meeting of the V4 presidents in Slovakia, says presidential minister Krzysztof Szczerski, confirm that none of the countries will be benefiting from the pipeline.

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