“The EU is once again in the Wild West phase of fighting the pandemic,” says Polish presidential minister

Joint orders for vaccines were meant to prove that the EU can control the pandemic; the current situation shows the weakness of Union institutions, says presidential minister Krzysztof Szczerski

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: TV Republika

Krzysztof Szczerski, the presidential commissioner for the establishment of the Office for International Policy of the President of the Republic, commented on the controversies surrounding the EU orders for vaccines. He believes that the main issue in the matter is the lack of transparency when it comes to deals signed by the European Commission.

“I think that this issue should be subjected to a democratic, parliamentary evaluation by every EU member state. It is true, we all decided on a joint European policy, but we never publicly saw these agreements. Transparency of agreements should be maintained,” he told TV Republika, reiterating that he had not seen the deals signed by the EU in Poland’s name.

Szczerski also noted that the whole affair surrounding the EU’s purchase of vaccines has led to a decline in trust in EU institutions.


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