Duda tweets about the “mockery and assaults of leftist media”

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The President referred to the criticisms on his official twitter account and posted a photo of him and Donald Trump holding the declaration together and smiling:


“Mockery and assaults of leftist media and certain politicians and commentators is proof enough of the success of the visit in Washington. If it wasn’t, then they would’ve remained silent and deemed the visit unimportant. Thank you for these compliments! ;)”


Political scientist Marcin Palade evaluated the visit: “This is the moment of signing that important declaration between the US and Poland? This is rising from our knees? For not making sure Andrzej Duda had a seat and allowing for this photo to be taken there should be mass dismissals in the president’s closest environment!”


Krzysztof Szczerski, the Chief of the Cabinet of the President, responded that “nothing bad enough happened to warrant dismissals.” The president’s minister also joked that “President Duda has been hearing that he’ll be sitting [in jail] so much, that this time, he decided to stand!”

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