The majority of Poles want an end to shopping ban on Sundays: survey

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New polling shows a majority in Poland are opposed to the Sunday ban on commerce that leaves most businesses closed, which is an issue that has divided Poles ever since it was first introduced over two years ago.

In the beginning, the number of supporters and those who opposed the commerce ban was evenly split. Yet, as the number of trade Sundays dropped and the regulations became a nuisance, the number of opponents to the ban grew.

The pandemic compounded the opposition to the commerce ban, according to the newest survey of ARC Market and Opinion.

According to 52 percent of surveyed Poles, the ban should be suspended at least until the end of 2020. Only every third Pole is of the opposite opinion.

The ban’s opponents previously focused on the idea that Poles should not be dictated to about when they can do their shopping.

Now, the most popular argument is that lifting the ban will decrease the number of people in shops each day, which will improve safety during the pandemic. They argue that if people can do their shopping on Sunday as well, it will result in fewer people in stores the rest of the week.