The Netherlands wants to sue Poland in the ECJ

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The Dutch House of Representatives passed a bill requiring the Dutch Government to file an international claim against Poland with the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
In the document, Poland is accused of politicizing the process of electing judges and the disciplinary process against them. The lower chamber of the Dutch Parliament also raises the issue that there is a risk to the rule of law in Poland. Furthermore, it emphasizes that the European Commission has been unable to get the Polish Government to enforce previous ECJ verdicts.
Polish Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta said this is a political attack by a country that should itself be explaining the state of its own rule of law.
“This is a desperate attempt to draw attention away from Holland’s own problems. A few days ago, the ECJ decreed that Holland is using and abusing arrest warrants in a way that is incompatible with treaties,” Kaleta said.
The minister noted that entire families with children are fleeing the Netherlands because they are afraid of the oppressive state. “Poland has more grounds to file potential motions with the ECJ against the actions of the Dutch government. First of all, we should remember that rule of law is set forth in Articles 2 and 7 in the EU Treaty, not the ECJ,” he said. The motion to sue Poland is a desperate attempt to draw attention away from Holland’s own problems, believes Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta. Minister Michał Wójcik, on the other hand, reminded people of the ECJ’s verdict according to which the rule of law may indeed be broken in Holland. This is due to its system, which permits influence over the use of European arrest warrants.
“These are double standards. Holland has become accustomed to being indulged for years because Civic Platform politicians permitted it. Today, we are relentlessly trying to protect our name,” Wójcik said.
He also stated that Holland has a serious issue, and specific measures were worth considering.
The minister explained that for many years, a bill permitting euthanasia has been legal in the Netherlands. He noted that several hundred people are euthanized each year, including a few children.
“Euthanasia may be carried out due to, among others, dementia or other mental illnesses. I believe this is a violation of human rights. This is why citizens are fleeing the country and coming to Poland. And the Dutch know this,” Wójcik stressed.

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