The real name of David Manzheley, organizer of sex parties in Brussels, is Przemysław P., says his Polish family

Relatives in Poland say that David Manzheley is a man who has been attempting to extract money from his own family in the courts

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David Manzheley, the man accused of having organized the sex party that led to the arrest and resignation of Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer in Brussels, is actually named Przemysław P., according to a family member contacted by Polish commercial television channel Polsat News
The news outlet reached out toManzheley’s family in Wadowice, South Poland, and they confirmed that he is their relative.
“That’s him,” said a family member who identified him as Przemysław P., referring to the sex party organizer.
The man, who attracted public attention for his role in organizing of sex parties in Brussels, is notorious in Poland for a spate of court cases against his own family and others. Many of the cases are still being processed by the courts.
According to his relatives, Manzheley is not in contact with them, but they allege that he is a member of a gang and is attempting to extort over $250,000 from his family, and even larger sums from others.
They also confirmed that the man had changed his name and ID number following a same-sex relationship with a Kazakh citizen
Manzheley, who in Brussels has been claiming he completed a law degree in Israel, has only completed the first year of high school, according to his family. But they do suspect that their relative may be well-connected since he has, they argue, been treated favorably by the courts.
After a Belgian police intervention at a sex party organized by Manzheley, MEP Jozsef Szajer from Hungary’s ruling Fidesz resigned his seat after being outed for participating in the event, which contravened Covid-19 restrictions, and possessing drugs. Manzheley claims that he has dual nationality and plans to return to Israel.
He denied to Polish and Hungarian media outlets that he is being pursued by the Polish authorities and alleges that the Polish investigation is perhaps connected to his knowledge about the sexual activities of Polish officials. The sex party organizer told Polsat News that he knows Polish and Hungarian ruling party politicians and that they have participated in events he has organized.
The Polish police have yet to confirm the identification of Manzheley as the very same person they are seeking. They have just confirmed that the man is wanted for fraud and has already been sentenced to serve over a year in prison but fled rather than serve his sentence.
According to the public prosecutor, Manzheley is also suspected of defrauding individuals seeking compensation from a local hospital while pretending to be a lawyer. If the Brussels sex party organizer is confirmed to be the same individual, a European arrest warrant could be issued by the Poles.
Title image: Polsat News Brussels correspondent Dorota Bawołek during the interview with David Manzheley vel Przemysław P., source: Polsat News.


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