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French football captain refuses to wear LGBT wristband during World Cup

Hugo Lloris, the goalkeeper and captain of the French national football team,…

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Bishops bless same-sex couples in Flanders and no one bats an eyelid

There it is in black and white on the webpages of the…

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France extradites 2015 Paris Islamic terror attack convict to Belgium for another trial

Salah Abdeslam, sentenced to life imprisonment in France in late June for…

Belgium: More than 35,000 women and girls are at risk of female genital mutilation

A study commissioned by the FPS Public Health and the Institute for…


Belgium: Police looking for migrant youths who filmed themselves abusing a fish

A disturbing video of young people abusing a large carp for fun…


69% of tested migrant minors are actually adults, according to Belgian government agency

In 2021, Belgium saw 3,351 young migrants arrive who declared themselves to…

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Approximately 10% of deceased newborns in Belgium were euthanized, claims bioethics expert

At least 10 percent of all deceased newborns in Belgium were euthanized…

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Mohamed races ahead as most common boy name in Brussels last year

The name Mohamed was by far the most common forename to be…

Thomas Brooke Thomas Brooke

Belgium: 48% of babies were born to a foreign mother or mother of foreign origin in 2020

Only half of all children born in Belgium last year had a…

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Hundreds of migrants in Belgium on a hunger strike for more than a month

Members of the Belgian government, two UN rapporteurs, and several associations have…

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Brussels warns six EU members, including Hungary and Germany, to end border restrictions

Poles and Romanians lead in the number of applications

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Belgium: Buses diverted from Brussels migrant quarter over violence threat

The man is accused of 3,518 counts of war crimes at the…

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Migrants again occupy Catholic church in Brussels

Hungary will pursue tax cuts, job retention, and wage subsidies, according to…

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Mosque in Belgium could lose taxpayer subsidies after homophobic statements from imam

A negative coronavirus test is required for doing a lot of everyday…

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Belgium: Iraqi migrant accused of pushing man from 27-story building

Suspects are mostly of Syrian, Lebanese and Libyan origin

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Owner of Kosher poultry factory in Antwerp hopes to relocate to Hungary

Dozens of houses destroyed, 230 people evacuated

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How much is the EU paying for COVID-19 vaccines? Data accidentally leaked by Belgian official

Prices vary wildly for vaccines, ranging from €1.78 to €14.67

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Burkini ban in Dutch city of Antwerp upheld in court

Burkini ban is non-discriminatory, the Dutch court ruled

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The real name of David Manzheley, organizer of sex parties in Brussels, is Przemysław P., says his Polish family

Relatives in Poland say that David Manzheley is a man who has…

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Belgian prosecution requests one-year prison sentence for migrant who beat his toddler on the street

The child suffered several fractures, may have permanent growth problems

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Belgian progressive government to introduce third gender “X”

The protesters clashed with a Biden supporter

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A ‘child fair’ in Brussels sells children to gay couples

Congratulations were quick to come to Joe Biden, much quicker in fact,…

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Belgium: Three young immigrants arrested for driving vehicle into right-wing demonstration

While Hungary's education system seeks to "instill national pride", German education ministers…

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What’s behind the success of Belgium’s anti-immigration Vlaams Belang party?

Pellegrini would receive 18.8 percent of the vote, with him edging ahead…

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3 Turks gang raped 14-year-old girl in Belgium city of Lommel: prosecutors

“I am asking the Pakistani government to bring my son home. He…

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Do we need a Central European Lives Matter movement?

President Donald Trump's deal between Israel, UAE and Bahrain and shows how…

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Germany and Belgium place Prague on the high-risk regions list

Czechia recorded over 1,000 new cases two days in a row

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Exporting Western-style ‘democracy’ to Central Europe? Thanks, but no thanks

The German car industry is in peril and its Central European supply…

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Belgium: 20 members of African youth gang arrested for beach riot in Blankenberge

Mike Pompeo meets with Czech foreign minister in Pilsen

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73% of ‘underaged’ asylum seekers in Belgium are actually adults: study

"White people have less shared history," claims the AP

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Belgium: Migrant children infected with coronavirus are being sent to schools without testing

On his first visit to the Czech Republic as prime minister, Slovakia's…

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13-year-old boy held hostage by ISIS supporters in Belgium for 42 days

There is no single standard for judging extraordinary measures, writes the Venice…

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Belgium destroyed 63 million protective face masks to make room to house migrants

Law and Justice party (PiS) MEP Zbigniew Kuzmiuk writes on disastrous presidential…

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VIDEO: Police attacked in Belgium and Germany over Easter weekend; dozens of migrant youths arrested

ISIS uses the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to intensify propaganda and…

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EU suspends budget limit rules for the first time

Both countries are working together to defend against coronavirus while also ensuring…

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Polish canal project designed to counter Russia is under threat

The impact on Slovak politics remains unclear.

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Belgium turns on V4 over EU asylum system snub

Hundreds of businessmen and politicians from both European and African Unions are…

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