There is a good reason to build fences

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The first photo depicts the installation of a fence in Hungary in 2015. “Do you remember how the whole “decent Europe” was spitting on the Hungarian government at that time?,” Kechlibar commented, sharing an article from Spiegel magazine from the same year entitled “Welcoming culture á la Guantanamo “.


The other pictures included the Dortmund logo of the “Bridges instead of the fences” campaign of 2016, and a photo of this year’s security measures at the Christmas markets at Breitscheidplatz square in Berlin, where the attack of a truck driver Anis Amri happened two years ago. “As far as I know, the Budapest Christmas market is not that fortified,” Kechlibar said.


The failure of external security (border) must necessarily be reflected in internal security. The fences, according to Kechlibar, have been created for a good reason because some people belong behind them. “If there is a policy that leads to fortifying the Christmas markets, I do not care whether its original motivation was glorious or not. I simply refuse such a policy as bad, regardless of its attractive packaging, because it has bad consequences,” added Kechlibar.

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