Third day of opposition protests at national media headquarters

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Opposition MPs led a third day of protests against the increase of allowed overtime (termed by them “slave law”) and the establishment of administrative courts. There were no major clashes between protestors and the police, but some opposition politicians were removed by the security guards of national media holding MTVA.

Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács told CNN that the selection of the footage on American media distorted the events, giving the impression of police violence, when the authorities in fact only reacted to the violence of the crowd.

He said the increase of allowed annual overtime (from 250 hours to 400 hours) was fully in line with European Union guidelines and contrary to opposition claims it was not mandatory but subject to individual agreements between employers and employees.

Kovács also said that the establishment of administrative courts was also fully compliant with the EU framework and the criticism leveled against them was largely fueled by groups linked to billionaire George Soros.

Title image: Protestors in front of the MTVA headquarters (MTI, Balázs Mohai)


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