This is what the world fears, hates and even loves about the coronavirus crisis

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A new global survey reveals what people fear, hate, and even love about the coronavirus crisis, with the results giving special insight into the psyches of citizens of different countries as they grapple with a crisis that has fundamentally changed daily life for billions of people.

According to the survey carried out by McCann Worldgroup, the most seriously worried people are located in Spain (68 percent), Italy (65 percent) and France (67 percent).

In Poland, only 47 percent of Poles claimed they are worried in a survey of 20 countries and 19,300 people.

The report shows that 30 percent of Poles believe that the government is prepared to fight the epidemic, which puts Poland among the countries where citizens give their government high marks.

Citizens in Japan, the United Kingdom. Germany, France, and the United States perceive their governments as less prepared to handle the outbreak.

Of those surveyed, 63 percent of Poles believe that the pandemic should be fought individually by citizens and half of them fear that the economy will suffer.