Poles are backing this US presidential candidate in large numbers

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Far more Poles want Donald Trump to win reelection than see Joe Biden in the Oval Office, with a new survey from Centre for Public Opinion Research (CBOS) showing 41 percent of Poles believe that Donald Trump would be a better president than Joe Biden.

Only 15 percent of Poles would prefer the Democratic candidate, another 29 percent of Poles have not made up their minds and 15 percent do not prefer either of the candidates.

The survey conducted by CBOS attempted to capture Polish sentiments concerning the upcoming United States presidential elections on Nov. 3.

In the survey, 33 percent of Poles admitted that they were interested in the elections, with 28 percent saying they pay attention to information concerning the elections and five percent actively seeking out information.

Thirty-four percent are not interested in the elections and 33 percent are only aware of what they hear from others.

Despite a subdued interest in the upcoming elections, Poles believe the outcome will be important to Poland.

The poll shows 73 percent of respondents are of the opinion that the issue of who will become the US president is important to Poland, and 24 percent out of those 73 percent believes that the issue is very important.

Overall, the 2020 elections are seen as more important than the one between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in 2012.

The sentiment that this year’s US presidential election is especially important appears throughout all social-demographic groups in Poland.

Additionally, people with right-wing views put more weight on the result of these elections (37 percent of them believe that they are very important) while fewer left-wing voters (21 percent) and center voters (20 percent) see them as that important.

The survey was conducted between Sept. 28 and Oct. 8 on 1133 adult persons.

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