Churches are burning in Chile, and the culture war can tell us why

Christianity is dealing with a total war against it, warns Polish columnist Goran Andrijanić

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Goran Andrijanić

There’s a theory among left-wing intellectuals, which even has support among some conservatives, that the term “culture war” is just a term used by right-wing manipulators. 

According to this theory, there is no war of cultures and it does not exist.

Instead, there is simply cultural tension which has been existing for some time in the dynamic Western civilization. The rest was made up by the right and used to build a climate of fear and for scoring political points.

All of those who believe that theory should be shown photos and videos made on Sunday in Chile’s capital of Santiago. Attacks against two churches were conducted in Chile’s capital, with the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the St. Francis Borgia Church both targeted.

The two places of worship were assaulted by far left activists who did so to commemorate the one-year anniversary of protests against government authority and inequality. The first church was completely burned down and the inside of the second was set ablaze as crowds cheered on. 

The protesters attacked the churches because they saw their enemy in those buildings and in what they represented.

We are dealing with pure hatred against Christianity.

This hatred cannot be explained by the current riots in South American countries. This is a cultural war.

On the walls of one of the places of worship, one of the protesters had written: “Death to the Nazarene” in a clear reference to Jesus.

Yet, that Nazarene had overcome death and was resurrected. That fact cannot be changed even by those who burn down his house. 


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