To counter Russia, war hawk John Bolton advises Poland to intensify contacts with Biden administration

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John Bolton was Trump’s National Security Advisor between 2018 and 2019 before the two had a major falling out, with Trump criticizing the neoconservative hawk for pushing for war with other nations at any given opportunity. Since Bolton was fired from his position, he has since published a book on the experience of working in the Trump administration.

During the interview for Polish Press Agency, Bolton recalled how the idea of calling the US base in Poland “Fort Trump” was targeted to flatter Trump and how that worked well in getting him to agree an enhanced US military presence in Poland.

But he was worried whether Trump’s successor Joe Biden would be “sufficiently hard on Russia, Iran and North Korea.” He recalled how the Democrats during the years of the Cold War had the habit of being soft on Russia. Bolton regards Putin as a man who has played the weak cards at his disposal rather well.

Bolton says that “Democrats are tough on Russia as for the last four years they believe that Russia was in league with Trump”. But he does not think it is in the Democrat’s DNA to persevere with this hatred and says that an early test of their real intentions will come over the Nord Stream 2 project.

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