‘To save Europe’ – Poland’s conservatives invite Orbán and Le Pen to EU parliamentary ECR grouping

By John Cody
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Law and Justice (PiS), Poland’s leading conservative party, has just released a recording from former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, where he invites Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and French opposition leader Marine Le Pen to join the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European Parliament.

In Morawiecki’s recorded message, which was published on Sovereignty.pl., he states the parties have a common goal “to save Europe.” The leading politician, who currently serves as an MP and vice-president of (PiS) added that “the ECR will most likely accept everyone who agrees against the dominant liberal and left-wing groups that are on course to destroy Europe.”

“We are willing to join forces with all groups that are against ill-conceived ideas such as promoting and facilitating illegal migration, open borders, unreasonable climate requirements that are harmful to European business, European economies, or the centralization of power, taking it from the people and leaving it all in the hands of Brussels bureaucrats.

I am glad to hear that some other parties may consider joining the ECR either before the EU elections or after it. I spoke about it with Victor Orbán, so I know Hungary may give thought to entering the ECR. That would enhance our capabilities to act towards a better Europe. We agree on some issues and disagree on others, but certainly, we have common goals: more power to European people, less EU bureaucracy, more security and common sense, less migration and other self-harming policies.

I am not aware of the intentions and plans of Madam Le Pen, but as I said, we need to join forces on many different fronts to save Europe. The ECR will most likely accept everyone who agrees against the dominant liberal and left-wing groups that are on course to destroy Europe.”

The invitation comes shortly after Éric Zemmour’s Reconquête party joined the ECR; however, a source from Zemmour’s party has told the publication Brussels Signal that currently, it is “absolutely not” true that Le Pen is joining the ECR. It is unclear what her move may be after the upcoming EU parliament elections, but the inclusion of Zemmour in the ECR, who she views as a political rival, may give her second thoughts about joining the political grouping.

In Morawiecki’s message, he stated, “It is clear that Europeans in all member states are increasingly fed up with current EU policies. They won’t change, and they are willing to express it this June during the European elections. Farmers are protesting against climate policy all across the continent. Prices are rising, while the quality of life is lower. Young people are unable to find adequately paying jobs and are struggling with ever higher rents for their apartments.”

He also cites the issue of Europe’s demographic crisis, an issue that Orban and Le Pen have consistently focused on over the years, with Morawiecki saying: “Demographic crisis, uncontrolled migration, dangerous streets in European cities, or no-go zones in some areas.”

Morawiecki’s party, PiS, which recently lost power, has been bearing the brunt of an all-out assault on its party by the new left-liberal government under Tusk, including an illegal takeover of public television, the jailing of opposition figures, and the illegal dismissal of the country’s top prosecutor.

Morawiecki warns that the situation in Poland is dire, in part due to the EU’s desire to keep PiS from ever regaining power.

“Add to that the hypocrisy of EU elites, double standards vis-a-vis liberal leftists and conservative governments. Poland was heavily attacked and accused of breaching the rule of law while we were forming a government. Now, when liberals take over and actually break the law, the European Commission turns a blind eye.

How do the EU elites answer all these challenges? They want more power and more centralization. They want more power for the EU institutions without democratic oversight. Proposed treaty reforms further limit any influence of EU Member States and grant all the power to Brussels bureaucracy. This is the wrong direction. My government was firmly against it — that is why EU bureaucrats wanted to change it, and they succeeded. Poland’s new leftist, liberal government is in favor of these flawed ideas, but Law and Justice remains the strongest political party in Poland and we will do everything to stop it.”

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