Hungary: UN must prevent third world war

Hungary has not stopped its drive for peace, warning that the threat of a global war is higher than ever

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Hírlap
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó at the UN General Assembly. (Facebook)

Never before has there been such a risk of a third world war breaking out, therefore the conflict in Ukraine must be brought to an end as soon as possible, and counter-terrorism operations in the Middle East must be brought to a successful conclusion, said Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó at a session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday.

The Hungarian foreign minister said pursuing such an agenda would dramatically increase the chances of a return to peaceful and civilized international cooperation.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Szijjártó stressed at the UN that global security is at its worst since the Second World War.

In this context, he also spoke out against a new closing of cooperation in the world, saying that the later the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East is resolved, the greater the chance of this happening. Central Europe and Hungary have already been severely compromised by this, and connectivity and mutually beneficial cooperation should instead be established.

To achieve this, he said, mutual respect must be brought back into international politics.

“This is crucial to move from an era of threats to an era of peace and sustainable development,” he said, adding that the UN must play a leading role in these efforts.

He also pointed out that there is a risk of escalation in the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. “It is clear that there are efforts to do so. There are efforts to extend both the war in Ukraine and the conflict in the Middle East to other countries,” he warned.

“I would also ask the secretary-general and the member states to do their utmost to avoid escalation in Ukraine and the Middle East, because if any other country gets involved in any conflict, it will not stop at the borders of that country and the threat of a regional or even global war could become real,” he said.

“In the same way, in the war in Ukraine, the more people who supply weapons, the more weapons they supply, the longer the war will last, the more people will die, the more destruction will occur, and every day of war unfortunately brings with it the risk of further spread,” he said.

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