Trump attacks Biden over coronation absence and vows to make America great again in UK interview

The former U.S. president discussed a wide range of issues in an exclusive interview with Nigel Farage of GB News during his visit to Scotland

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author: Thomas Brooke

A second Donald Trump presidential term would end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours, turn around the U.S. economy ruined by the Democrats, and prevent further Chinese aggression against Taiwan, the former U.S. president has claimed.

In an exclusive interview with Nigel Farage on GB News, the Republican frontrunner took the opportunity to slam Joe Biden for not attending King Charles III’s coronation due to take place on Saturday, calling his successor in the White House “very disrespectful.”

“I don’t think he can do it physically, actually. I think that it’s hard for him to do it physically.

“I think, getting over here for him. He’s got a lot of things going, and a lot of strange things happen. But certainly, he should be here as a representative of our country. I was surprised when I heard that he wasn’t coming,” he added.

U.S. First Lady Jill Biden is due to attend the ceremony in her husband’s absence. Trump said the sitting president is “incompetent” and would probably be “sleeping.”

“He’ll be in Delaware where he spends a lot of time, he spent a lot of time there during the election. So I don’t know, but I was very surprised. (…) I think it’s very disrespectful for him not to be (here).”

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump also took aim at former working royal Meghan Markle who will also not be in attendance.

“I think she has been very disrespectful to the Queen,” Trump said of Markle. “How can you be so disrespectful to the Queen?

“She was incredible, for decades and decades she never made a mistake. I cannot think of a mistake she made, she was never controversial.

“I thought she was treated so disrespectfully by Meghan and there was just no reason to do that. I was actually surprised that Harry was invited, to be honest.”

Turning to next year’s presidential election, for which Trump is hoping to win the Republican nomination ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the former U.S. president remained defiant about his chances to reclaim the White House.

“I think we have a very good chance,” he told Farage. “The economy’s not good. I’ll make it good. Everyone knows (if I was still president) that Putin would have never gone in (to Ukraine). He wouldn’t, I told him, ‘You’re not going in.’ Putin would have never gone into Ukraine. President Xi of China would never even be talking about Taiwan. We had that conversation strongly,” Trump claimed.

“I stopped North Korea from doing really bad things. And my relationship with Kim Jong Un is very good. Who knows what’s going to happen there? Iran was going to make a great deal. They were going to be happy. I was going to be happy. We were going to have a great relationship.

“Now they’re out of control. They’re totally out of control. This world is blowing up around us. It’s blowing up around us, you may even lose the dollar as the standard throughout the world. And if you lose the dollar standard, that’s like losing a war. In many ways, it’s worse than losing a war,” he added.

The former U.S. president reiterated previous remarks about facilitating a swift end to the war in Ukraine, claiming he would “end that war in one day, it’ll take 24 hours.

“I know Zelensky well. I know Putin well. I will get that ended… 100 percent. It would be easy. That deal would be easy. A lot of it has to do with the money. A lot of it has to do with the military, you know, that we’re giving, but I would get that deal done within 24 hours.

“That war has to be stopped. That was a disaster. And I’m talking more than money. I’m talking about human life, it’s far greater than anyone thinks. You don’t knock down a whole city and say two people got hurt. Okay. Thousands of people are being killed in the cities that are being knocked down, they are in those big apartment houses, and they are big buildings.”

In a final pitch to U.S. voters to conclude the interview, Trump was stoic and confident in his ability to win over the electorate ahead of next year’s vote.

“I think when people feel (it) in their pocketbooks, everyone’s saying, ‘You know, Trump’s gonna turn the economy around.’ I did it. Actually, I did it twice. If you think about it, because I did it after Covid.

“But we had the greatest economy in the history of the world, and I’ll be able to do that again. Quickly and easily. Energy is going to come down, and interest rates are coming down.

“And you know what else we’re gonna have? We’re gonna get rid of crime, because our cities, Democrat-run, are crime-infested rat holes.”

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