Tusk will earn more as EPP leader than he would as Polish president

A new well-paid job for the “president of Europe”.

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Donald Tusk is set to add to his wealth as the new leader of the European People’s Party (EPP) where he will earn an estimated €7,000 per month.

This amount is one and a half times more than Polish President Andrzej Duda’s salary, which means if Tusk had become the Polish president instead of pursuing his EPP leadership position, he would have lost thousands.  

Donald Tusk, former Polish prime minister and current President of the European Council (EC), will earn €6,980 as the head of the EPP, which amounts to almost €83,766 annually.

In comparison, if he became the president of Poland, Tusk would be earning significantly less – only €4,653 a month. A few weeks ago, Tusk announced that he was not running for the Polish presidency.

EPP leader

Last Wednesday evening, Donald Tusk was elected as the EPP’s leader. The EPP said that he received the support from 93 percent of the congress’ delegates – 491 of them supported his candidacy for president of the EPP while 37 voted against it.


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