UK and Belarus conduct joint military exercises

British and Belarusian troops are working together in military exercises in Belarus

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Maciej Szopa

British and Belarusian special forces are working together in military exercises in Belarus under the code name Winter Partisan with 30 soldiers of the 42nd Commando Royal Marines and a company of the 103rd Independent Mobile Brigade from Vitebsk participating in the bilateral venture.

These were not the first joint military British-Belarussian exercises, but they are unique in the sense that the Belarussian Army usually trains on its own or in cooperation with the Russian Army.

In Summer 2019, Belarusians participated in the Cambrian Patrol competition hosted in the UK, where they received a silver medal. They also participated in the Urban Ranger exercise.

The ongoing Winter Partisan exercise is meant to last from March 1 to March 14. The first Royal Marines arrived in Belarus at the end of February aboard an A-400M Atlas plane, with commandos set to join them most likely on Sunday.


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