A police officer guarding Polish-Belarusian border Belarus illegal migrants Polish Border Guard Russia News Poland

Polish Border Guard warns of incoming influx in illegal border crossings

There have already been hundreds of recorded attempts by illegal migrants to cross the Polish-Belarusian border in 2022 and the numbers do not appear to be slowing down, the Polish Border Guard has confirmed. The Border Guard reported that 49 migrants had attempted the journey on Sunday, with 68 more individuals trying their luck to […]
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Belarus Poland Air Traffic Controller Ryanair Belarus Hijacking Roman Protasevich Ryanair flight News Poland

Minsk air traffic controller who escaped from Belarus reveals details about grounded Ryanair plane in May

According to a Belarusian air traffic controller, the grounding of the Ryanair aircraft carrying opposition activist Roman Protasevich was an operation prepared and conducted by Belarusian services

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Poland Syrian smuggler released by court Belarus Belarusian services illegal migrants Stanisław Żaryn News Poland

Polish defense ministry: Belarusian intelligence services instructing migrants on how to illegally cross border

The Polish defense ministry says published photos of notes found on detained migrants provides evidence that Belarusian officers are teaching migrants how to illegally breach the Polish border

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attack on Polish border Belarus Border Guard Polish opposition Commentary Poland

Poland’s soldiers and police defended the border, not Merkel’s talks with Putin and Lukashenko

When it became clear that illegal migrants could not force their way past the Polish border, the Polish opposition started a narrative in which Angela Merkel was to thank for defusing the situation, writes PiS MEP Zbigniew Kuźmiuk

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Merkel Belarus Poland Aleksandr Lukashenko Angela Merkel attack on Polish border Belarus illegal migrants Commentary Poland

Merkel is undermining Poland’s successful border defense strategy

Chancellor Merkel’s capitulation to Belarus — so naïve it is almost bizarre — is a desperate attempt to minimize Poland’s successful effort to protect its borders from a massive migrant, writes editor-in-chief of Sieci weekly Jacek Karnowski

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Polish deputy FM corrects CNN star Belarus Christiane Amanpour CNN illegal migrants Paweł Jabłoński Commentary Poland

‘These are not defenseless refugees’ – Polish deputy foreign minister corrects CNN

As portal wPolityce.pl put it, Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński answered “a series of naïve questions” by CNN host Christiane Amanpour concerning the ongoing crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border

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Ryszard czarnecki Poland migrants Baltic states Belarus Central Europe Hungary illegal migrants Commentary Poland

Polish MEP: Poland was right once again, this time concerning migrants

Those who denied Poland being right for years are unable to openly admit to their mistakes or suffer the consequences of their errors and poorly conducted policy, writes PiS MEP Ryszard Czarnecki

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Poland Syrian smuggler released by court Belarus illegal migrants migrants smuggling Polish court Syria News Poland

Polish court releases Syrian illegal immigrant smuggler who nearly ran over a police officer

The Syrian citizen smuggling illegal migrants did not stop for roadside control, almost ran over a police officer and caused a car accident, but the Polish court said he is unlikely to be imprisoned

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Alexander Lukashenko Poland Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko Belarus illegal migrants Military threats News Poland

Lukashenko threatens ‘brutal’ response to Polish military presence in Eastern region

The Belarusian leader declared that “Poland was sending tanks to combat illegal migration” and believes that the move was “a pretext to bring the Polish army closer to Belarusian border”

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Frontex head Fabrice Leggeri and deputy interior minister Bartosz Grodecki Belarus Fabrice Leggeri Frontex illegal migrants Polish-Belarusian border News Poland

Frontex head praises Poland during inspection of Polish-Belarusian border

The head of Frontex thanked Polish authorities for their cooperation in protecting the EU’s external borders and said he was impressed by the measures used to protect Polish territory

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Belarus illegal migrants Mariusz Kamiński Russia Terrorism News Poland

Polish defense minister: We discovered illegal migrants with child porn, graphic ISIS images on confiscated phones

Several illegal migrants who tried to cross the Polish-Belarusian border were in possession of photos of child pornography, zoophilia, decapitations, and materials proving connections with terrorist organizations and Russia

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Andrzej Poczobut Aleksandr Lukashenko Andrzej Poczobut Belarus Polish minority Commentary Poland

Andrzej Poczobut, a Polish hero, remains imprisoned in Belarus by Lukashenko’s regime

The renowned journalist and Union of Poles in Belarus (ZPB) activist has been sitting in Belarusian jail for half a year for our freedom — and yours — writes Rusłan Szoszyn for Rzeczpospolita daily

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Agnieszka Holland compares Polish Border Guard to GDR Berlin Wall's guards Agnieszka Holland Belarus Berlin Wall Gdynia film festival Polish Border Guard Commentary Poland

Famous film director compares Polish Border Guard to East German soldiers guarding Berlin Wall under communism

The latest anti-Polish narrative will become a tool for the Polish opposition to use after their previous pro-migrant antics on the Polish-Belarusian border were roundly rejected by Poles, writes columnist Michał Karnowski

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