Poland: Pro-migrant activist arrested on charges of people smuggling

Source: Polish Border Guard.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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An activist working along the Poland-Belarus border to assist incoming foreigners has been arrested on charges of leading an activist group that, for a fee, helped migrants illegally cross into Poland.

Investigators have determined that at least 13 individuals, mainly citizens of India and Egypt, have used the services of the 48-year-old woman.

Each foreigner allegedly paid members of the group €5,000 to enter Poland. The woman was apprehended by officers of the Silesian Border Guard Unit in cooperation with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚP).

The prosecutor’s office has leveled charges against her after gathering substantial evidence, including testimonies from other group members.

The court has decided to place the 48-year-old in custody. The accused has not admitted guilt and has provided explanations for her actions that differ from the findings of the investigators.

Radio station RMF FM reports that the woman’s arrest has caused an uproar among activists operating along the Poland-Belarus border. Personal bail guarantees for the suspect have been offered by several prominent figures, including two opposition MPs, from Civic Coalition and The Greens. In their view, the case has political undertones.

The court did not consider the bail guarantees, stating there are no grounds to not apply detention at this time. However, the court did not rule out the possibility of applying non-custodial measures at a later stage.

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