Watch: 220 illegal migrants storm Polish border with Belarus

Source: X@Straz_Graniczna.
By John Cody
1 Min Read

Polish Border Guard and the army have yet again prevented an attempt at a mass illegal crossing of the border with Belarus, with a video showing a group of 220 migrants attempting to race into Poland. According to the officers, the illegal migrants were very aggressive, throwing stones and tree branches at them in order to clear their way through the border. Officers also confiscated dangerous tools made from wood and nails. 

A video recording of the incident shows some of the migrants holding ladders while others were throwing projectiles at the border guards. After realizing they could not cross, the illegal migrants retreated back into Belarus. 

On Monday and Tuesday, there were 368 illegal border crossing attempts from Belarus to Poland. Projectiles were thrown several times at border guards, and search-and-rescue interventions were required. A border patrol car also had its window smashed. 

Since the beginning of 2024 in the Podlasie province, there have been attempts at illegal entry from citizens of 28 countries. Since the beginning of April, there have been around 2,000 attempts, whereas during all of March there were 3,400, a considerable increase compared to both January and February. 

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