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After watching ‘Green Border’ I feel utterly defiled

After reading initial rave reviews, I thought it would be worth watching the film to engage in debates. Perhaps Agnieszka Holland had truly produced a world-class movie? Turns out, she didn’t. It’s a blatant propaganda film, so crudely anti-government that it evokes laughter when it should prompt reflection on the plight of “people seeking their […]
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Agnieszka Holland compares Polish Border Guard to GDR Berlin Wall's guards Agnieszka Holland Belarus Berlin Wall Gdynia film festival Polish Border Guard Commentary Poland
2 YEARS AGOAgnieszka Holland Belarus Berlin Wall Gdynia film festival Polish Border Guard Commentary Poland

Famous film director compares Polish Border Guard to East German soldiers guarding Berlin Wall under communism

The latest anti-Polish narrative will become a tool for the Polish opposition to use after their previous pro-migrant antics on the Polish-Belarusian border were roundly rejected by Poles, writes columnist Michał Karnowski

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