Migrants attempt illegal border crossings from Belarus to Poland despite state of emergency

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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On Wednesday, Poland’s Border Guard reported detecting nearly 200 attempted illegal border crossings, with three migrants, all Afghans, being detained, with the remainder stopped from actually crossing the frontier.

“On Wednesday, Aug. 9, border guard members noted 194 attempts at illegal border crossing on the border of Poland and Belarus. Three illegal migrants were stopped, all from Afghanistan. The remainder were prevented from crossing the frontier. Since the beginning of September, there have been nearly 1,300 such attempts,“ the Polish Border guard posted on Twitter:

The Border Guard has also released film from Aug. 7. It shows a large group of migrants making an illegal crossing, which involved 85 Iraqis who were sent to detention centers. It was the largest such group this year.

A week ago, the Polish government introduced a 30-day state of emergency in the area of the border because of these events. An encampment of migrants has been formed on the Belarusian side of the border in the Podlaskie region. The migrants have been trying to cross into Poland. According to the government, they were brought to the border by the Belarusian authorities as part of a hybrid war waged by the Lukashenko regime.

The Polish Parliament on Monday rejected an opposition attempt to lift the state of emergency. A state of emergency in Poland has to be requested by the government and authorized by the president before it is approved or otherwise by parliament.

Title image source: TT account of Polish Border Guard @Straz_Graniczna

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