Belarusian forces attack Polish patrols on the border

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

Two Polish patrol guards were attacked by Belarusian soldiers on Sunday who launched stones and other articles at the units, the Polish Border Guard has revealed.

One Border Guard officer and a serviceman of the Polish army were harmed in the attack, and a Border Guard vehicle was damaged.

Major Katarzyna Zdanowicz, the spokeswoman of the Podlaski Border Guard Regional Unit, told how the Border Guard officer was hit in the arm, and the soldier in his knee whilst the vehicle’s bodywork was damaged and some windows were broken.

The spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator Stanisław Żaryn addressed the attack on Polish servicemen, saying that Belarus’ Lukashenko regime is carrying out a “hybrid operation” against Poland that is a “part of Russia’s aggressive plan against NATO.”

The Podlaski Region Border Guard Regional Unit informed that in recent days, the number of migrants detained on the section of the border with Belarus oscillates between 40 and 120 daily. This year, the record-breaking day was March 21 when the Polish Border Guard detained 134 persons in total, including a large group of 40 individuals in Narewka village.

Last week, fewer than 40 individuals were detained daily and from Wednesday to Saturday, groups of no more than 20 persons were detained.

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