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Belarusian forces attack Polish patrols on the border

Two Polish patrol guards were attacked by Belarusian soldiers on Sunday who launched stones and other articles at the units, the Polish Border Guard has revealed. One Border Guard officer and a serviceman of the Polish army were harmed in the attack, and a Border Guard vehicle was damaged. Major Katarzyna Zdanowicz, the spokeswoman of […]
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Polish Border Guard breaks up migrant smuggling group Belarus Belarusian services illegal migrants Stanisław Żaryn News Poland
5M AGOBelarus Belarusian services illegal migrants Stanisław Żaryn News Poland

Polish defense ministry: Belarusian intelligence services instructing migrants on how to illegally cross border

The Polish defense ministry says published photos of notes found on detained migrants provides evidence that Belarusian officers are teaching migrants how to illegally breach the Polish border

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