First day in 2 years without illegal crossing attempts at Poland-Belarus border

Source: Polish Border Guard
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

The Polish Border Guard announced on social media that for the first time since August 2021, the country experienced a day without any illegal crossing attempts.

Monday saw a pause in illegal activities despite the ongoing hybrid war at the border. The Border Guard emphasized that there were no individuals approaching the border to attempt a forced crossing.

However, on Tuesday morning, the tranquility was broken when another illegal crossing attempt was reported. A group of aggressive foreigners attempted to enter Poland, attacking patrols by throwing stones and branches.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been over 25,500 attempts to illegally cross the Poland-Belarus border, with approximately 1,300 of these attempts occurring in November alone. The 186-kilometer border with Belarus is fortified with a 5.5-meter-high steel barrier, constructed in 2022 as the primary defense against illegal entries. This barrier is supplemented by a system of cameras and sensors along 206 kilometers of the border.

The Border Guard is planning to construct an electronic barrier along the Bug River, which forms part of the border with Belarus.

This project, estimated to cost 280 million złoty (€65 million), will extend over 172 kilometers and include the installation of about 4,500 day-and-night and thermal cameras, as well as 1,800 camera poles. This initiative is part of Poland’s continued efforts to secure its borders amidst ongoing regional tensions.

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