The new Europe? Turkish terrorist wanted for murder is arrested in Hungary while smuggling migrants

By Dénes Albert
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In a news story that appears to encapsulate the new Europe of open borders, a Turkish national wanted for murder and terrorism charges was arrested in Hungary while smuggling 10 migrants across the border.

The 23-year-old Turk was picked up by the Zala country police in Hungary for illegally smuggling migrants into Hungarian territory, and during his processing, the police discovered he was wanted for manslaughter and for membership in an armed terrorist organization.

The police said on Tuesday that they stopped a 27-year-old driver on a road near Sármellék on Nov. 16 after the vehicle swerved off the road upon seeing the police. Once police pursued him on a dirt road, he stopped the van and fled on foot.

In the van, officers found 10 illegal migrants who said they were all Turkish. All of them were placed under arrest.

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The terror suspect, who is 23, was inside a support vehicle and was later arrested by police near Székesfehérvár a few days later. The Zala police launched proceedings against the two men on suspicion of human smuggling, and the court ordered both of their arrests.

The younger suspect had previously been arrested by the Turkish authorities for possession of firearms, manslaughter, and participation in an armed terrorist organization.

Hungarian intelligence agencies recently released a Europe-wide alert warning of an elevated terror threat due to soaring mass immigration, with the agencies specifically noting that the Taliban controls the major smuggling routes in the Balkans, and they may use them to not only earn money but also smuggle terrorists into European territory.

There are also signs that the future may feature even more illegal migration after Pakistan expelled 1.7 million Afghans from its territory.

Gerald Tatzgern, head of the Austrian Interior Ministry’s operational office for combating people smuggling, confirmed to German newspaper Welt last week that the Balkans are under great migratory pressure, “especially in view of the fact that Pakistan is expelling around 1.7 million Afghans, some of whom want to come to Europe” and that extremists may be among them.

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