Belarusian guards aiding migrants with ladders and wire cutters

Source: Polish Border Guard.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Belarusian border guards are continuing to attempt to facilitate migrants from the Middle East across the border with Poland by providing them with wire cutters and ladders, according to Polish authorities.

Anna Michalska, the spokesperson for the Polish border authority, told the Polish Press Agency (PAP) that there is footage showing how migrants are getting through the fencing and into Polish territory. She confirmed that this was mainly young men. 

According to the Polish border authority, the undocumented migrants attempting to cross into Poland are being fully equipped by the Belarusian guards. Gloves, ladders and wire cutters have all been made available. “Illegal migration is well organized by the Belarusian side,” lieutenant Michalska said.

She told the Polish news outlet that the Belarusian authorities have observed that the wall being built is an effective form of border control but can still be forced through, adding that although the physical barrier is useful, there is a need to fortify it with the relevant electronics, cameras and sensors. 

The building of the wall on the 187-kilometer Polish-Belarusian border is nearing completion. There are now just two more kilometers of it to be completed and it is estimated that it will be finished on July 23. 

The 5-meter-high wall is to be supplemented with an electronic barrier covering 202 kilometers. That barrier is expected to be ready by mid-September and will include a trip wire and a visual detection system with cameras, including infrared devices.

The total cost of these fortifications will amount to 1.6 billion Polish złoty (€335 million). 

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